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QTCoffee 1.2.5 is a set of command-line Mac OS X utilities for manipulating QuickTime movies and other QuickTime readable media (AVIs, MPEGs, as well as audio files such as MP3s and AACs). Features include:

For a complete list of features, download the Read Me file. A brief introduction via examples can be found in the How To file.

QTCoffee is donation-ware for personal and academic use. If you find it useful, you are encouraged to purchase a license or pay whatever you think it is worth. Commercial use requires a US$10 per seat license. Please contact us directly at <> for information on site-licenses or if you wish to incorporate QTCoffee utilities into another program.

Universal Binary Logo Download QTCoffee version 1.2.5 (370 kiB) for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) or later; universal binary.

By default, QTCoffee installs into the privileged directory /usr/local. If you wish to install it somewhere else, you can download the manual install package (379 kiB).