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iTunesJoin 2.0.8 is an application and set of AppleScripts that lives in the scripts menu of iTunes and allows you to join (concatenate) multiple tracks into a single new track. You can:

iTuneJoin is particularly useful for audiobook listeners and those who want to join music tracks gaplessly (note: there may still be a short gap).

For more information, please view the Read Me file.

What’s new
In 2.0.8

In 2.0.7

For a complete version history, please see the Read Me file.

iTunesJoin is shareware. If you use any of the files you produce with it, you are required to purchase a license. iTunesJoin will function for 30 days after it is first used; an additional 10 day trial can be initiated any time after the first trial period expires. Upon expiration of the second trial, you will need to purchase a license to restore functionality.

You can purchase a license for US$10 per seat. Multiple computer households need only purchase a single license, so long as this is for personal use only. Site-licenses for commercial uses are available.

Please contact us at <> if you have comments or suggestions. If you encounter a bug, please see our debugging page for information on how to report it.

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Download iTunesJoin version 2.0.8 (1.9 MiB) for Mac OS 10.3.9 or later & QuickTime 7.0 or later; universal binary. View the Read Me.